Q. Do I have to have an allergic reaction test if I want to have hair colour?

A. Yes, if you are having a colour service with us for the first time, so we can ensure you won't have any reaction to the ingredients in the colourant we use. If you have previously had a reaction to colourant, you should advise us of this prior to your treatment.

Q. Help, something has come up and I can't keep my appointment, what do I do?

A. Please see our terms and conditions, we do charge for broken appointments if 24 hours notice is not given.  If circumstances are outwith your control, please contact us at your earliest convenient to reschedule your appointment.

Q. Are hair extensions painful to fit?

A. No, they are not. Your head however may feel slightly heavier for the first 48 hours and you may be aware of the bonds. This will soon pass. Please ask for an after care leaflets for information on how to care for your extensions after the fitting.